Serving North/Northwest San Antonio & surrounding areas

Why Choose Us For Your Remodeling Project

Serving North-Northwest San Antonio and surrounding areas

Clear Choice Remodeling can help you achieve your kitchen and bath remodeling dreams! Our number one priority is helping provide homeowners with an exceptional kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience. We are so proud of the fact that 75% of our business is from repeat customers or referrals! Here at Clear Choice Remodeling we want to create long term partnerships with homeowners to help transform their existing home into their dream home one room at a time, or the entire house all at once.

Award Winning Remodeling Service

When looking for a company to take on such a large project such as kitchen and bath remodeling, you want to make sure you hire someone that you can trust. Clear Choice Remodeling has won numerous awards from the Greater San Antonio Builders Association including the prestigious Grand Remodeler of the Year award for our projects in both 2017 and 2018. In April 2018, the Home Builder Digest ranked Clear Choice Remodeling as one of the top 5 remodeling contractors in the greater San Antonio area.-

We are an accredited member of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association (GSABA), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)

Constant Communication From Start to Finish

We spend considerable time with you before your kitchen or bath remodeling project begins. Our team makes sure to carefully listen to your wants and needs so we can deliver the best results. Once you have hired Clear Choice Remodeling, we will have a pre-construction meeting at your home before any work begins. During this meeting, you will meet some of our experienced and professional team members that will be working in your home. We will set up working parameters and answer any last-minute questions you may have concerning your project. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we make every effort to reach that goal.


Do you have questions about our company, the type of services we offer, our remodeling costs or the time it takes to complete a project? Whatever the question, we will provide an answer.

If your question is not answered below, simply send us an email or call us at 210-377-0259. We’ll respond promptly.

We have a 99.3% satisfaction rate. We are a locally owned company.

We communicate with our clients. We let our clients know what to expect each day with weekly schedule updates. We provide on-site supervision. We have a beautiful showroom to help our clients make all of the selections for the project to ensure that everything selected comes together to create the masterpiece that our client has envisioned.

Save pictures of projects that you have seen in magazines or online that you like. Look at plumbing fixtures and appliances and start getting a feel for what you like and don’t like about them. Try to have an idea of what you would like to spend so it is easy to set your budget.
Kitchens and bathrooms usually take between 10-12 weeks. We try to finish them quicker and usually do, but you never really know what is behind the walls until you begin the tear out. You should only be without water for a few hours at a time.
We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and painting, but also do outdoor kitchens, patio covers, pergolas and more. We even built a spec house in 2008 in Fair Oaks.
We provide free estimates to assist our customers in setting reasonable budgets. We also offer design services for an additional cost of $500-$1500 depending on your needs.

The average cost of a full kitchen remodel will usually run between $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the size of the kitchen and the scope of work.

This price is for a full kitchen remodel with new cabinets, new granite counter tops, new light fixtures (removing fluorescent boxes), new appliances ($5,000-$8,000 average cost of appliances in addition to the construction costs).

Bathroom remodeling projects usually run between $20,000 and $45,000. Again this will depend on how much plumbing is relocated, the size of the bathroom, the amount of cabinets and how extensive the scope of work is.

We usually require a 25% deposit of the job total to schedule the job and to begin purchasing materials for your project. Most projects have about five to six installment payments as we move through their project. We do this so that our clients are never upside down.
No, but we have several banks that we work with that offer quick and easy options.

We do our best to ensure that we cover all items of construction in the original contract so that there are little to no “Change Orders” during construction. The only time we have a “Change Order” is when our customer wants to add something to the original scope of work or if we run into something unforeseen in the wall or slab. When that happens, we figure the cost of the change, ask our customers to approve the cost and pay for the cost at the time of the change.

We provide estimates up front to help our customers set budgets and we stay within the budget set. The only small unforeseen costs would be those “surprises” that are hidden in the walls and ceilings or if our customer wants to add an item after we are under construction.
We remodel any home that needs improvement.

We service Helotes, Fair Oaks, Boerne and most of North and Northwest Bexar County.

  • WEEK ONE: We begin tear out, rough in plumbing and electrical and begin framing
  • WEEK TWO: We should be starting drywall and texturing
  • WEEK FOUR: If all of the texture is complete we begin painting
  • WEEK FIVE: The tile work should be ready to start
  • WEEK SEVEN: Cabinets should be ready to install
  • WEEK EIGHT: Countertops should be ready to install
  • WEEK NINE: The tiled backsplash in the kitchen and/or bathroom will be installed
  • WEEK TEN: Plumbing fixtures and electrical should be installed
  • WEEK ELEVEN: Glass should be ready to install around the shower in the bathroom, all punch list items should be completed, such as paint touch-ups, installing hardware and final clean
Our operations manager will be scheduling and checking on the craftsmen progress and communicating with, you, our customer, daily. In addition to being on site, we provide our customers with the office phone number and the cell phone numbers of the owner and operations manager so our customers can contact them directly at any time during the day.

Hiring a company that is the “cheapest” can be the costliest mistake many people make. It’s been said, “there is nothing more expensive than a cheap remodeler.”

When you are hiring a remodeling company, get three bids. Make sure that you ask them all to bid on the exact items you want to change in your house. If you don’t make sure they are the same, you cannot get a true “apples to apples” bid.

Check to make sure that they are registered with the City of San Antonio and that they have a physical place of business so if something goes wrong you can find them. Many times, homeowners trying to do their project on a very low budget, will hire someone out of their truck with just a cell phone number. They give them a deposit and never see them again or halfway through the contractor leaves them holding the bag and they have no idea what to do next. We have heard many horror stories from homeowners that have done this. Now the ‘duped’ homeowner must spend even more money to hire another contractor to take the job over. This not only costs the homeowner money, but the project could drag on for months longer than if they had hired a reputable company in the first place.

Check references and look on Google, Houzz and Angie’s List for unsolicited reviews

Yes, we have won awards from the San Antonio Builder’s Association, such as Best Remodeling Project, Best Showroom, Best Interior Design and we were winners of the prestigious Grand Remodeler of the Year in both 2017 and 2018

About 75% of our clients are either repeat customers or referrals from previous clients. We are usually asked to provide estimates on several rooms in our client’s home so that they can plan future projects. It is difficult to get a plan together until they know how much each room will cost. After we provide pricing, our clients can plan which projects to complete this year and which projects they will need to save up to complete over the next few years.

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